Official server Dayz Standalone

Dayz Standalone Private Server Hosting

Dayz Standalone private servers have finally arrived! Now you can run your Dayz Standalone server, your way!

How does it work? Dayz Standalone private servers have two parts to them, the private hive or “Shard” and the gameserver or “Shard slave”.
In order to run a private Dayz Standalone server you must connect it to a Shard. A Shard is like a miniature version of the Public Dayz Standalone Hive that users can run for private use. In essence it’s like running your own Dayz Standalone Private Hive!
What do I get? You can run your Dayz Standalone server in the traditional ways you’re used to in other games, restart, kick, ban, lock/unlock your server (when set to private) and view Bec logs! It’s your private Dayz Standalone server, run it your way.


As with all our game servers, a private Dayz Standalone server rented from Multiplay is full of features and extra additions, each helping to deliver you the quality you come to expect.
•Official Ranked (whitelisted) Server Provider
•Kick, ban, lock and unlock your Private Server when private)
•Transfer player characters between any private server on a private Shard
•Clan-Pay: Let friends contribute to the cost of your service
•FREE Mumble or 1/2 Price Teamspeak, Ventrilo voice comms server
•FREE Webspace & MySQL Database
•Unlimited Profiles
•Industry-leading Clanforge™ control panel
•Fast, efficient, 24/7 support team
•High quality network and server hardware
•Public as standard
•Can openers
•No setup fees

Our high quality low latency (ping) servers for Dayz & Private Shard are available in the following locations:-

  • Canada Canada: Toronto
  • France France: Paris
  • Germany Germany: Frankfurt
  • Italy Italy: Milan
  • Netherlands Netherlands: Amsterdam
  • Russia Russia: Moscow
  • South Africa South Africa: Cape Town
  • Sweden Sweden: Stockholm
  • UK UK: London
  • US US: Atlanta – Georgia, Chicago – Illinois, Dallas – Texas, Herndon – Virginia, Los Angeles – California, Miami – Florida, New York – New York, Phoenix – Arizona, San Antonio – Texas, San Jose – California, Seattle – Washington, St. Louis – Missouri.